tech stack

Below you can find the list of technologies that I'm familiar with and which I'm using for maintaining high quality of products

SDET Mentoring
for Testers, Developers & Companies

What can you learn from me and implement immediately in your projects?

  • Manual Tests

    How to begin the journey with Software Testing or how to improve as a Tester

  • Unit Tests

    How to implement TDD with proper „What to test?” mindset

  • Service Level Tests

    How to ensure that your APIs are high quality and error-proof

  • Contract Tests

    How to apply consumer driven approach in your architecture

  • End-to-End Tests

    How to setup entire test automation framework using modern technologies

  • Observe, Monitor & Analyse

    How to understand your consumers needs with data

SDET Training Routine

…or how to keep your tech skills up to date and maintain healthy life?

  • Eat Fruits and Veggies


  • Sleep at least 6 Hours per Day


  • Maintain Social Activities

    As often as possible

  • Work on your side-project

    Everyday (at least 5 minutes)

  • Scrape Job Offers Boards to Learn New Tech

    Once a month

  • Grind LeetCode

    2 tasks per day (if possible)

  • Document Your Learning

    1 blog post every 1/2 weeks

  • Help Junior Devs & Testers Online

    As often as possible

  • Learn New Language of Choice

    5-15 minutes per day

  • Read a Book

    5-15 minutes per day

  • Learn How to Play Music

    5-15 minutes per day

SDET Educational Videos

Below you can find a selection of my video tutorials regarding different SDET related topics

Catnippers Social Club Projects Overview (Summer 2021)

At the beginning of the September 2021 I've launched Catnippers Social Club. To put it shortly - it's an Open Source Software community focused on learning together and sharing knowledge. I've realized that there is no enough time to develop everything by myself, so after developing Ultimate Stack Developer application (micro-blog platform based on Spring Framework & Angular) for half a year, I've decided to open the source code and invite some people and work on it together. In the meantime I've been able to create some other small projects (mostly as a side-products of the Ultimate Stack Developer app development), so that Catnippers' portfolio now consists of three different projects developed by four developers, one tester, one UX/UI designer and myself performing as a Project Manager.

Selenium to Selenide Tutorial

Selenium is a great testing tool, no doubt. Nevertheless, it has quite complex infrastructure in comparison to other automated frameworks (e.g., Cypress). Once I've learned about Selenide I was hooked on a spot. It is concise, and focuses more on tests per se, instead of configuring whole Selenium architecture. Don't get me wrong though, I really appreciate Selenium as it fully utilises WebDriver, with the entire Java (or C#/Python) eco-system, and all the features it provides (e.g., JDBC connectors for SQL data verification). But, if you'd like to write simple End-to-End tests with ease and stick with the Java, C# or Python - Selenide is a no-brainer.